Some of my work here in Japan part 1.

Part 1 of 2 showing some of the cars I have had the pleasure of working on here in Japan, hope you like them πŸ™‚

Ill start off with this group shot while tuning at TK Square in Nagoya.

Custom dyno tuning @ Blitz on the First demo car

Stunning GT3RS @ Bond

The day I tuned Nakai-san of RAUH Welt’s beautiful 993

Here’s a picture of me setting up a C63 ecu to flash..

Put a huge smile on my face when I seen this M3 I tuned at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon!!

Another shot of Nakai’s 993, this time leaving the pits @ the Idlers 12 hour + 9 min Endurance race 2011 @ Motegi Twin Ring. (All my photos from that event can be found on JONSIBAL’s blog hereΒ

Nice SL63 I custom dyno tuned at the Mercedes AMG owners club meet in SuperAutobacs Odaiba

Getting my hands dirty helping the guys @ First to find an issue with the very first Weistec supercharged C63 in Japan

Stock E60 M5 being flashed @ Woodstock, Shin-Yokohama

Nice E92 M3 on Volk Racing TE37sl’s I tuned while getting a custom exhaust fitted @ Tk Square Nagoya

First’s C63amg sitting quietly for once, this car is LOUD…

This is me again, this time stopping for gas on the way to Motegi with Nakai-san, cant speak highly enough of this guy, a tuning Legend in Japan..

Here are two AMG Mercedes’ that I dyno tuned for First, one is a stock E63 and a highly tuned SL63

And lastly for part 1, the TK Square demo/track BMW 135i that I have tuned a couple of times down in Nagoya

Hope you like the pictures, there’s plenty more for me to still post but for now, heres the links to some of the blogs/garages mentioned;

4 thoughts on “Some of my work here in Japan part 1.

    1. Thank you, its great to work with such good cars and make good friends in the workshops too. Some of them, RWB for example, was amazing to work with as I had been a big fan of the cars years ago when I was living in Ireland before heading to Japan. πŸ™‚

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