Car spotting in Japan – Vol 1

Not your average monday today, started the afternoon with a 15 minute train journey to get a cup of coffee which resulted in an 8km walk home, coffee in one hand, camera in the other and seeing what cars I could stumble upon in the process. I was fairly happy with what I seen, here are the results…

I absolutely LOVE old BMW’s, just beautiful.

Alpina C2 2.5 4 door

Nearly dropped my coffee, this 911 flew through the junction but I managed to grab a quick shot of it 🙂

New Speed Engineering near Mizunokuchi

Beautiful Lotus Europa at the door

Only my second time seeing one of these in the flesh, there were 3 at this shop

I couldn’t see anyone in the workshop or office so I didn’t want to enter with nobody there so I just took a quick shot from outside

Not everyday you see a ST202 convertible

Immaculate Savanna Rx7

No silly bodykits or stupid camber, just perfect!

I have always had a soft spot for S13’s

My friend Danny will die when he sees this, a seemingly abandoned R34 GTR! The car was filthy and had rust in places and the brakes were orange with rust. Looks like it hasn’t moved in a long time, shame really!

Love jzx100’s!

Here’s one way to ruin a Sileighty!

Just awful..

I think blue works so well on the R32

Sexy S15

Stunning Lotus Elan

I may be blind but I spotted this beauty from a mile away 🙂

Still suprises me how popular Hummer’s are in Japan, they’re everywhere! Certainly wouldn’t lose this in a carpark

Well that’s it from today, pretty happy with what I came across in the space of about 90 minutes! 🙂


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One thought on “Car spotting in Japan – Vol 1

  1. I love finding little gems in alleys, awkward parking spots, crummy driveways, and run down garages. It makes me smile when I’m just waking around and find one tucked away. Its not fair! You are so surrounded by all that candy!

    As usual, love your post!

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