Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 part 2

Right, getting back to it. Here’s part 2 of my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage..

Vorsteiner/Alphaline BMW F10

Super GT 458

Have some fun up the mountains in this..

Was good to see the Cyber GTR, not nearly as aggressive as their Evo but excited to see how well this one performs.

F10, flat white, black wheels, perfection!

It’s pure EEEVIL!!!

As much as I like the new Super GT cars like below, nothing compares to the older Calsonic R32 GTR in my opinion!

DYING to drive one of these! BMW’s awesome little 1M

For all you GT5 fans out there, the Red Bull x2010

Wish it was real..

One for the girls

I always like the cars on the Cockpit stand

Falken and Dunlop teamed up this year displaying the new 86

Nice idea 🙂

Bit too “in-your-face” for me..

One of my favourite new cars at the moment, the Ferrari ff

Pretty ballsy styling from Ferrari, been criticized a lot but I personally love it.

JF had this sweet Bentley Continental GT on display this year

I’ll finish with the gorgeous BRZ Super GT car, can’t wait to attend some Super GT races this year 🙂

Well that’s it from part 2, loads more to come…


Thanks again for reading,


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