2012 idlers Games Sprint 2nd Round Tsukuba Circuit – Pits

The Idlers games is always one of my favourite events in Japan, this was my fifth idlers event, one 12 hour endurance race last summer and four sprint races…

It’s great to see so many familiar cars and faces at each round and these guys and girls just love racing 🙂

I was very hungover sunday morning after saturday’s Big Beach Festival but really wanted to see Stella in action again..

It”s not only Porsche’s though, there’s always a great line-up of Fairlady Z’s..

And always with the randoms, First time I have seen a 2cv on the track!

Here’s the Legend himself, Nakai-san getting ready to go out on track in Stella Artois…

Here’s a shot of Nojima-sans AE86

Really like the old rusty look of this beetle..

There’s something for everyone at idlers, can’t wait for this years 12 hour endurance race at Motegi twin ring, but for now, check out the gallery for over 100 images from the pits and carpark

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