Only a few hours to go….

As I pack my gear before heading to RWB and then to Motegi for this years Idlers 12hour endurance race I said i’d throw up a few photos I took in work the other day, some of which will be used at tomorrows race. Please enjoy…

If you don’t already know Jon’s website click here….


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JCCA classic car festival – Summer 2012

It took me a while but I eventually made it to a JCCA event after 2 years of always being busy when they were on. I had a choice of either JCCA at Tsukuba or the Skyline Festival at Fuji Speedway so I chose JCCA and my friend Danny from FC Autosource headed to Fuji(I will post some of his photos in a seperate post)

Here’s what was waiting for me at Tsukuba…


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Coming soon: coverage from 7’s day and JCCA

Been a busy week so will try get to posting as soon as possible, here’s a couple for now..