Sunday drive to Daikoku PA


Took the Fairlady to Daikoku PA today to see what was about.. Ended up spending a few hours there and getting a ton of photos which i’ll share in a seperate post, for now though, check out these beauties….:)




TokyoBay fireworks – Aug 11



Eventually made it to my first firework festival in Japan and it was brilliant! Myself and my girlfriend dressed up in our Jimbei and Yukata and headed along, joining around 80,000 people down by the bay. It’s one of the best things to do in Japan without spending a small fortune in the process..



They used 12,000 fireworks and they were going off constantly for 80 minutes, amazing to watch 🙂


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New Facebook like page :)

Just started my own Facebook ‘like’ page to mirror the blog so please head on over and ‘like’ the page, I will keep it updated daily with whatever car-related stuff i’ll be getting up to 🙂



Photo by: Kamikaze Bottlerockets –

JCCA classic car festival – Carpark

Little bit late in posting this but been pretty busy with other things and forgot about a lot of photos I have. Still have to post my 7 day coverage/Honda Collection hall and idlers part 2 :O

It seems that with almost every event I have been to in Japan, the cars in the carparks are just amazing and makes me wonder why half of them aren’t in the actual shows themselves! The following images will make you realise why I think this…



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Climbing Mt. Fuji

So while everyone was getting ready for 86 Style at Fuji Speedway, I was watching the most amazing sunrise I have ever seen, on top of Mt. Fuji.

It had been on my list of things to do since moving to Japan over 2 years ago and my friend Saya wanted to climb for her birthday so I said we would do it together Aug 4/5….

Ready for anything 😛


So we set off from Shinjuku station and arrived at Mt. Fuji level 5 at around 7pm. We were lucky enough to catch a beautiful sunset before we even started…




Beautiful stuff!


Time for a bit of food before we headed up.

So it’s pitch dark the whole way up and I have no photos until this happened….





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