Coming soon: Classic car and Motorcycle Live at Mondello Park

Chatting to the owner of a beautiful Porsche 911T last week, he told me about a classic car event that Mondello Park would be hosting at the weekend and he was going to attend as the Irish Porsche owners club would be celebrating 50 years of the 911! Add to that, almost 800 of the cleanest, rarest and most beautiful cars and bikes you are likely to see and I could hardly say no..

To say I wasn’t disappointed would be a huge understatement, the sheer quality and the selection of different cars on display was incredible!

20130617-090916 p.m..jpg

I will post the photos in the next week or so as I will be in San Fransisco until early next week and probably won’t get a chance so keep an eye out in the coming weeks 🙂


Eoin O’ Sullivans IDC JZX90

20130611-045312 p.m..jpg

It’s been a while since I really posted anything here and I have been meaning to get around to posting pictures of my good friend Eoin’s awesome jzx90 that he built to compete in this years Irish Drift Championship so I took my camera along to round 1 in Mondello Park back in April.
I have also decided not to edit any of the pics because I have been busy and I don’t get paid for it so who cares 🙂

We had a late night Thursday putting the finishing touches to the car before a very early start for Friday morning practice…

20130611-050631 p.m..jpg

20130611-050753 p.m..jpg

We set up in the paddock early enough and checked over the car before practice started as it was the cars first time running and we wanted to run the car as much as possible throughout the day in case of any issues

20130611-051030 p.m..jpg

20130611-051048 p.m..jpg

20130611-051224 p.m..jpg

We came across a couple of smaller issues throughout the day but just after lunch 1st gear decided it didn’t want to work anymore and Eoin was left starting off in second gear which wasn’t ideal!

20130611-051415 p.m..jpg

20130611-051500 p.m..jpg

Eoin done a great job throughout the day and improved with every run with faster and more aggressive entries with the car looking absolutely fantastic in the process!

20130611-051633 p.m..jpg

20130611-051741 p.m..jpg

20130611-051832 p.m..jpg

As the day came to an end I decided to get some pictures of the car in the paddock..

20130611-052010 p.m..jpg

20130611-052024 p.m..jpg

20130611-052059 p.m..jpg

20130611-052137 p.m..jpg

BMW Marrakech brown was a perfect colour choice!

20130611-052253 p.m..jpg

20130611-052327 p.m..jpg

20130611-052413 p.m..jpg

20130611-052434 p.m..jpg

Unfortunately for Eoin, he had an argument with a barrier during round 2 at Punchestown and the car is now looking like this…

20130611-052657 p.m..jpg
But he is working on rebuilding it along with a new Getrag 6 speed box from a Supra that we got from Japan so look out for more updates in the near future.

Here is a link to the build thread on Driftworks:

And a lot of credit has to go to Philip Wright who spent a long 18 months or so building the car and getting it finished in time for round 1!




The new Carfiend app launched today and is available for free download on the App Store! It will also be available for Android in July. A must-have for car enthusiasts everywhere!

Big thanks to Noah Hurwitzle and Mark Arcenal for sending me a pre-release version last week 🙂

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