Cars & Coffee Dublin

Went along to cars & coffee in Dublin this morning, weather’s been terrible all week so the turnout wasn’t great but some really nice cars turned up, my personal favourite being this mint ’69 911T..

20140202-085634 p.m..jpg

Here are some of the others..

20140202-085857 p.m..jpg

20140202-085909 p.m..jpg

20140202-085915 p.m..jpg

20140202-085927 p.m..jpg

20140202-085959 p.m..jpg

20140202-090009 p.m..jpg

20140202-090019 p.m..jpg

20140202-090027 p.m..jpg

20140202-090040 p.m..jpg

20140202-090045 p.m..jpg

20140202-090100 p.m..jpg

20140202-090107 p.m..jpg

20140202-090115 p.m..jpg

20140202-090121 p.m..jpg

20140202-090140 p.m..jpg

20140202-090148 p.m..jpg

20140202-090159 p.m..jpg

20140202-090212 p.m..jpg
Held on the first Sunday of every month, I will try get to next months one and post the pics up here πŸ™‚


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