Sunday mountain drive


So after the last few weeks of miserable, stormy weather here in Ireland, the forecast was looking quite good for today so I decided to get up early and take Daves M3 for a drive through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains…


So I headed out over the M50 to the Bear Coffee Company in Blackrock for a quick coffee and a breakfast bar, next was the gas station to get some fuel and I set off up through the Wicklow mountains..


This was my first chance to give the M3 a good run and apart from the terrible feel of the throttle cable, the car felt fantastic on the damp, bumpy, windy backroads..


I tried to stop a few times to get some photos of the beautiful scenery but I was having too much fun driving the car on the mostly empty country roads…


Although the word ‘roads’ is one I would use loosely as you can see here..


80km/h speed limit on this ‘road!’


Was absolutely loving driving the M3 on these roads that I decided to keep on going into Kildare and stop off at my sisters place for a bit of lunch and to see the kids.


A couple of burgers and a coffee later I said I’d head back towards home, it was about 1:30 at this stage so I said I’d head back home over the mountains agin. About 10 minutes down the road it start lashing rain which is a fun experience in a rwd convertible with no traction control or ABS πŸ™‚

I headed back as far as Enniskerry and then turned off and headed up over a very icy and foggy Sally Gap…


…and back home!

I drove a total of around 300km on wet, icy, snowy, bumpy and twisty country roads in a car that can be as demanding to drive fast in those conditions as a 911(pre-996) in my opinion, but is almost as equally rewarding, I was exhausted by the time I got home!

With no radio and the drivers window down, the noise from the M3’s straight 6 just make you want to keep pushing harder even though you know it might kill you πŸ˜›

Think I’ll be keeping my sundays free from now on…

GET OUT AND DRIVE – Magnus Walker


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