Things I like..

“Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death” – Hunter S. Thompson

577375_718617881504117_1628598236_n 1604881_620928987994018_1901206048_n 1922335_192089981000035_1022259375_n 1925209_10152049159107912_966357369_n 1779966_623162487770668_1930477819_n 1780864_827228887302772_757561686_n 1653783_10152047132102912_854184506_n Vintage Class Meet - August 2013 10951275025_0f1cc6c786_b-2 Alfa-sparks-fire_-DTM-Foto MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_5351 porsche-911-carrera-hours-small-11773 newest3_zpscbc8e7ae ku-xlarge img_68121 img_8191-edit1


image credits(where available): ImportAtlanta, tokyo-impressions, flat in 6th, CPK6 photography club, Magnus Walker, le baron noir.


2 thoughts on “Things I like..

  1. What fun ! I have a ’73 Volvo 1800 ES as well as having owned countless Volvos since the dawn of the ’70s. Good eye candy! I currently drive an 04 V70 T5 as well as a Miata. Some things don’t go out of style. Looks like that is what you are showing here.Thanks.

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog, glad people enjoy some of the stuff I post! You should email me some pics of your old volvos, i’d love to see them! I almost bought a 240 wagon last year but didn’t go through with it in the end!

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