Cars in Monaco part 1

F1 in Monaco was an experience I’ll never forget, but while the racing wasn’t happening we got a chance to take a walk around the city and see what cars we could find, here’s part one..

More in part 2..

idlers 12hour endurance race – Motegi 2015 part 2

We got to the circuit just before 2am so we had to wait outside until just after 2 until they opened the circuit and let us set up in the pits. In the above photo are the cars we would be using, minus the white 964. (Itakura-Sans blue 993 and Hossy’s Army Girl 993 would be our spare cars).

    We removed the rest of the exhaust tips and bumper from the purple 964 incase the tips fell off during the race. 

Here we see Nakai-San writing out the rules so everyone can read them before and during the race.. 

Pretty soon it was time for the drivers briefing which everyone is supposed to take part in although if you don’t speak any Japanese it doesn’t really help. Shortly after, we got our whole RWB team together and both Nakai-San and Ichiracku-San exlained details suh as how to re-fuel the car, when to make the driver changes, flag colours and meanings, pitlane speed limits and various other things.  

 7am came quick and it was time to get all the cars to the grid for the 8am start, it was over 30degrees celcius at this time! Tough for an Irishman 😦

 Mr. Orido was racing the Car Guy Lotus

It’s 7:55am at this stage and I haven’t slept in over 24 hours but time to watch the race start from the pits. My first stint wasn’t until 11 so I think I got a few minutes sleep beforehand 🙂

Pics from the race coming up in part 3…