Wonderful Reykjavík, Iceland

I have traveled a lot and have had amazing experiences in my life but seeing the Northern lights was top on my list of things to see for many years, so my wife and I decided to book a trip to Iceland before Christmas in the hope of catching the magical Aurora.


We did quite a lot of research beforehand and as there was a lot we wanted to see including the Northern lights, and we eventually decided on a 3 day Ice cave tour with Goecco, which turned out to be really really great. I will post images from that tour in a separate post.

We arrived in Reykjavik pretty late Sunday evening and as our tour was beginning really early Monday morning, we decided to check into our hotel and just go get some food and snacks for our trip the next day.


We booked a room at the Hotel Reykjavik Centrum for 1 night as we would be out in the Golden circle for the next 3 days. The hotel was really nice and clean and in a great location downtown, price was quite reasonable too. We booked a Grayline bus to take us from Keflavik airport to our hotel and it cost us ISK3000/£21/€24/US$26 per person. We read online that the buses are much cheaper than a taxi from the airport as the ride is about 40 minutes. img_1929My first meal in Iceland!

We returned to a very snowy Reykjavik Wednesday night..img_2587img_2575img_2584img_2994Braving the snow down by the Harpa before retreating to our lovely warm apartment which we booked on Airbnb.

So we only had Thursday to explore Reykjavik and as the Blue Lagoon only had free spaces at 7 and 8pm(yes you need to book a slot), we decided to find a local pool to go and relax in the awesome natural hot outdoor pools.img_2616The one we chose was Laugardalslaug and is a very short bus trip(No.14) from downtown. There is a bus app you can download here – Strætó bs but its pretty crap and didn’t really work well for me but its all I had. We bought our bus tickets at a Tourist information centre that was right next to our apartment and a return bus ticket cost us ISK420/£3/€3.50/US$3.70 per person.img_2617img_2618img_2620You can rent a towel at reception and you have to shower naked before entering the pool area. There are various hot pools outside and it was so relaxing lying in a hot pool during a blizzard! From the above photos it looks like the few hours of daylight we got(about 4 hours a day in Winter) were nice and clear, but the weather is very changeable. The Icelandic have a saying, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes!”

So we got our bus back Downtown and went for lunch in a really nice restaurant called Laekjarbrekka, which is in a building that has been there since 1834!img_2626I ordered the Salted Cod with Broccoli, Cauliflower, Barley and Salsa and as you can imagine, the fish in Iceland is delicious! After lunch, I was eager to find a coffeeshop I had found through instagram called Reykjavik Coffee Roasters and the coffee did not disappoint! img_2674I have no pictures of the inside as it was quite busy at the time, but if you’re into your coffee and your in Reykjavik, it’s a must!

Reykjavik is pretty famous for it’s street art which I love, so here are some shots of that and the local area while we rambled around the streets..img_2624img_2649img_2628img_2642img_2655img_2632img_2639img_2629img_2675img_2640img_2623img_2621DCIM101GOPROGOPR4120.Sólfar – Sun Voyagerimg_2665Hallgrímskirkja churchimg_2641img_2673Our final dinner in Iceland was at KOL Kitchen and Bar, 30 seconds walk from Hallgrímskirkja church, where we both ordered Charcoal oven cooked Lamb with Barley, 12 month old Tinder cheese, fennel and carrots, amazing!

Well as I said, I will post our Golden Circle trip pictures and information in some separate posts, but if you have any questions regarding a trip to Iceland, feel free to comment or find my email here.img_2643Just before bed on our last night we booked our Grayline bus back to the airport and they picked us up from the front door of our Apartment. On the booking page there is a drop down menu with a list of pickup locations around the city, most of the hotels and well known apartment buildings are on there, and if not, Reykjavik is so small that you can’t be far from any one of the listed locations. So if you’re thinking of a trip to Iceland, just do it! It’s super expensive but it’s totally worth it! It’s safe, it’s beautiful and the people are great!

Big thanks to my wife for being the perfect travel companion again and again!





RWB Germany One

So, back in June myself and my friend Matt(DubUnit) headed on a road trip from the UK to Sidney Industries(www.siind.de) in Dortmund, Germany for Sidneys RWB 993 build.


We stopped in Brugges for some food(waffles mostly) and coffee but I will post those pictures in a separate post..

Here are some of my photos from the few days we spent in Dortmund and I want to thank Sidney, his staff and his family for the amazing hospitality and the beautiful food/free bar! It was one of the best few days with friends abroad that I can remember!


Hanging with the Boss.


RAUH-Welt Japan, Malaysia and Germany(and Ireland)


The build begins.


Sidney had his friends come in with their bar and looked after us all weekend with endless amounts of Jack Daniels!


So many people came and stood for hours watching Nakai do his thing.


Sidneys Liberty Walk 997


Absolutely love this car! Go check out his instagram acc(@kings_ralle), He even got us to sign his headlamp covers which was cool!


Big thanks to our friend Travelino(@captainstroopwafel) for visiting us from Amsterdam with his lovely family, he brought us some nice cigars too 🙂


RSi Beetle!


Wing went on and Sidney got us all to sign it, another nice moment for everyone there.


Best part!


Dirk(@rwbmodelcars) stopped by with his incredibly detailed RWB models, these things are seriously good!


My Dear Jack..


The car turned out so perfect, great colour choice, delighted for Sidney!


Thanks to Christian Coujin for the last pic, we drank a fair amount of Jack over the 3 days!


As I have already said, the build was one of the best for me, I met some old friends again, Nate(@Natevos) came all the way up to see us for a day after his LeMans trip which was sweet, got to hang with Nakai-San, Coujin, Matt, Nate, Trevi and Sidney again, as well as meeting Tate(@RWBAtlanta) for the first time! Germany has been good to me the few times I have visited, I will probably be back for Essen in December, but for now, Tausend Danke! (also, check out my ig feed for more pics from the weekend and my other adventures..@RWB_Gary)