When you’re full sure your day can’t possibly get any better…

So I have had an RWB 993R for the last few days and was to drive to Fuji Speedway Saturday morning for the Hellaflush/Slammed Society show with a group of other guys from RWB. These cars are awesome to work with and get to drive so I was pretty excited as you can imagine…

So I left my apartment at 6am to collect Matt (www.mattkingery.com – check it out.) and make the trip down the Tomei expressway to Ebina PA where we would be meeting the other RWB guys. Passing Shibuya we got caught in some traffic(which pisses me off way more than it should after 2 years here) when this happened…




Yes, our Porsche 993R was sandwiched in by a Diablo SV, Murcielago, SLR McLaren (with a bigger wing than mine) and a Pagani Zonda!! I have been dying to see that Zonda for months and I couldn’t believe I actually got to drive alongside it and then meet them again at the parking area! Amazing stuff!
We got to Ebina PA at 8am and the RWB guys slowly trickled in. I ran down and got some more shots of the group of supercars while I waited. All these pics are from my iPhone but I will post my proper photos in a few days.






At one point I mentioned to Matt that the only way today could get any better was if I seen my favourite all time car, a car I have only caught glimpses of in the past, a Ferrari F40.

Shortly later, this drove past…

Yes, a f***ing F40!!!

I had to run after the car incase he drove out of the PA but I got quite a few shots on my camera that ill share in a few days.
Couldn’t believe what I was witnessing, still can’t really, and all this before 9am! We hadn’t even got to the show yet!


We left in a convoy of RWB Porsches en route to Fuji Speedway in pure amazement at what I had just seen! Look out for my post in the coming days,

Gary Patrick Mannion