Sunday drive to Daikoku PA


Took the Fairlady to Daikoku PA today to see what was about.. Ended up spending a few hours there and getting a ton of photos which i’ll share in a seperate post, for now though, check out these beauties….:)




Coming soon: coverage from 7’s day and JCCA

Been a busy week so will try get to posting as soon as possible, here’s a couple for now..





A night at Daikoku Futo and some High-speed Wangan runs :)

The night begins after Leaving the Tokyo Auto Salon at roughly 7pm and heading straight out the Expressway to Daikoku Futo where we would be meeting a few pretty special cars a little later.

Arrived in Daikoku PA shortly after 8pm and start shooting some of the cars dotted around the lot. The thing I love about Japan the most is the variety of vehicles you see. The cars last night ranged from Nissan Skylines to Cadillacs, Ferrari’s to 1970’s C130 Laurels and everything in-between!

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