Cars & Coffee Dublin

Went along to cars & coffee in Dublin this morning, weather’s been terrible all week so the turnout wasn’t great but some really nice cars turned up, my personal favourite being this mint ’69 911T..

20140202-085634 p.m..jpg

Here are some of the others..

20140202-085857 p.m..jpg

20140202-085909 p.m..jpg

20140202-085915 p.m..jpg

20140202-085927 p.m..jpg

20140202-085959 p.m..jpg

20140202-090009 p.m..jpg

20140202-090019 p.m..jpg

20140202-090027 p.m..jpg

20140202-090040 p.m..jpg

20140202-090045 p.m..jpg

20140202-090100 p.m..jpg

20140202-090107 p.m..jpg

20140202-090115 p.m..jpg

20140202-090121 p.m..jpg

20140202-090140 p.m..jpg

20140202-090148 p.m..jpg

20140202-090159 p.m..jpg

20140202-090212 p.m..jpg
Held on the first Sunday of every month, I will try get to next months one and post the pics up here πŸ™‚


Coming soon: Classic car and Motorcycle Live at Mondello Park

Chatting to the owner of a beautiful Porsche 911T last week, he told me about a classic car event that Mondello Park would be hosting at the weekend and he was going to attend as the Irish Porsche owners club would be celebrating 50 years of the 911! Add to that, almost 800 of the cleanest, rarest and most beautiful cars and bikes you are likely to see and I could hardly say no..

To say I wasn’t disappointed would be a huge understatement, the sheer quality and the selection of different cars on display was incredible!

20130617-090916 p.m..jpg

I will post the photos in the next week or so as I will be in San Fransisco until early next week and probably won’t get a chance so keep an eye out in the coming weeks πŸ™‚


Drag racing @ Central Circuit, Kansai

Same day as Β the Hellaflush Kansai event at Central circuit, there was a local drag event taking place down the main straight. I took a break from the show to see what kind of cars were running the quarter mile and was fairly suprised at some of the cars I seen…

Not everyday you see a 4 door Hakosuka on the drag strip..

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