Verve Coffee Roasters – Kamakura, Japan

First coffee at Verve since I was living in LA, so nice to check out their latest location at Kamakura. Really nice space, friendly staff, wifi(rare in japan) and a nice coffee too. Well worth stopping by if you’re in the area, was pretty quiet as it was a Wednesday morning in December which was nice.

Cheers β˜•οΈπŸ–€


Months are flying past, here are some shots from September..

Juicebox BBQ
Shoe Lane Coffee
Ferdinand doing his best Yoda impression

Dublin lanes

Juicebox BBQ
Tivoli carpark
Some of the best coffees around
Flips RX7
Juicebox BBQ
Dublin walls
Temple Bar

Neil’s March Cup car
Two Pups Coffee
Juicebox BBQ

Reference Coffee
Dublin Lanes
Daniel – Clanbrassil St



I enjoy coffee, but I’m super picky, and I will happily drive 2-3 hours for a decent cup! Weird to most, but I know what I like πŸ™‚

I moved to Japan for cars so a couple of hours for a great coffee is nothing πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s some of the coffees I had in August..Coffeewerk + Press – Galway, IrelandReference Coffee – Dublin, IrelandOh! Donuts and Coffee – Belfast, Northern IrelandThru the green X Guinness lakeCoffeewerk + Press – Galway, IrelandEstablished Coffee – Belfast, Northern IrelandCoffeewerk + Press – Galway, IrelandEstablished Coffee – Belfast, Northern IrelandAeropress Championship 2018 – 3fE, Dublin, IrelandBlackfriars – Waterford, IrelandEstablished Coffee – Belfast, Northern IrelandEbb&Flow – Dublin, IrelandAeropress Championship 2018 – 3fE, Dublin, IrelandOh! Donuts – Belfast, Northern Ireland

Blessed for the opportunity to travel around for coffee, have loads more to share. Want to make a map of Dublin, London, LA, San Fran, Sydney, Melbourne and Tokyo, so coffee lovers can find specialty coffee while traveling.

If anyone wants recommendations, please feel free to email me at

Love you guys x