Coming soon: Classic car and Motorcycle Live at Mondello Park

Chatting to the owner of a beautiful Porsche 911T last week, he told me about a classic car event that Mondello Park would be hosting at the weekend and he was going to attend as the Irish Porsche owners club would be celebrating 50 years of the 911! Add to that, almost 800 of the cleanest, rarest and most beautiful cars and bikes you are likely to see and I could hardly say no..

To say I wasn’t disappointed would be a huge understatement, the sheer quality and the selection of different cars on display was incredible!

20130617-090916 p.m..jpg

I will post the photos in the next week or so as I will be in San Fransisco until early next week and probably won’t get a chance so keep an eye out in the coming weeks 🙂


Coming soon: Hellaflush Kansai

Well worth the 14+ hour round trip on boring Japanese expressways, tonnes of smashing cars and good to see some familiar faces. Photos will be up in the coming days…


Tokyo Auto Salon 2012 part 2

Right, getting back to it. Here’s part 2 of my Tokyo Auto Salon coverage..

Vorsteiner/Alphaline BMW F10

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Some of my work here in Japan part 1.

Part 1 of 2 showing some of the cars I have had the pleasure of working on here in Japan, hope you like them 🙂

Ill start off with this group shot while tuning at TK Square in Nagoya.

Custom dyno tuning @ Blitz on the First demo car

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