idlers 12hour endurance race – Motegi 2015 part 1

So, I made the trip back to Tokyo last week to attend my fourth idlers 12hour endurance race with RWB at Motegi. I didn’t have much time off work so I was under a little pressure time-wise. I flew out Friday morning, arrived in Haneda Saturday morning and found out they left my bag in London, with my race gear in it, nightmare! Met my friends for breakfast at the Grand Hyatt in Roppongi before hooking up with my friend Royze for lunch..

God Pistache is beautiful and has come a long way since he bought it! Okay, time to head to Chiba(with no aircon)..

Met some new guys and a lot of old friends, and took a look around the cars we would be using 🙂 Instantly fell in love with both the white and purple 964s

At about 10:30 we headed up the road to the local Ministop where we all met up and bought food and drinks for the few hours ahead. Next stop, Moriya Parking Area..

 Met this guy.. 


Time to leave for the circuit..

When we got off the highway I said to Sean(naritadogfight) that our car sounded weird, it was only when we got to Motegi that James from the UK said one of our exhaust tips came off on the highway and almost went through the windscreen of CHARLENE he was driving! Here is the other tip that we broke off..

More stuff in part 2, thanks! 

Porsche, looks good from EVERY angle!

After an accident during this years idlers 12 hour endurance race at Motegi, RWB LOVERS ROUGH was being lifted onto a truck and the straps broke, dropping the car onto it’s roof 😦




Thanks to Nakamoto Shusaku for the images as I was unable to make it this year.