Cars & Coffee Dublin – August ’14

Probably the best turnout of any I have been to this year despite the rainy weather that morning..

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Coming soon: coverage from 7’s day and JCCA

Been a busy week so will try get to posting as soon as possible, here’s a couple for now..





Drag racing @ Central Circuit, Kansai

Same day as Β the Hellaflush Kansai event at Central circuit, there was a local drag event taking place down the main straight. I took a break from the show to see what kind of cars were running the quarter mile and was fairly suprised at some of the cars I seen…

Not everyday you see a 4 door Hakosuka on the drag strip..

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Mazda 787B at the Tokyo Auto Salon

This was probably the one car I was most excited to see(and hear) going to this years Tokyo Auto Salon, its one of those cars that I have dreamed of seeing in person since I was little and I was absolutely speechless! Here it is…

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