RWB Germany One

So, back in June myself and my friend Matt(DubUnit) headed on a road trip from the UK to Sidney Industries( in Dortmund, Germany for Sidneys RWB 993 build.


We stopped in Brugges for some food(waffles mostly) and coffee but I will post those pictures in a separate post..

Here are some of my photos from the few days we spent in Dortmund and I want to thank Sidney, his staff and his family for the amazing hospitality and the beautiful food/free bar! It was one of the best few days with friends abroad that I can remember!


Hanging with the Boss.


RAUH-Welt Japan, Malaysia and Germany(and Ireland)


The build begins.


Sidney had his friends come in with their bar and looked after us all weekend with endless amounts of Jack Daniels!


So many people came and stood for hours watching Nakai do his thing.


Sidneys Liberty Walk 997


Absolutely love this car! Go check out his instagram acc(@kings_ralle), He even got us to sign his headlamp covers which was cool!


Big thanks to our friend Travelino(@captainstroopwafel) for visiting us from Amsterdam with his lovely family, he brought us some nice cigars too 🙂


RSi Beetle!


Wing went on and Sidney got us all to sign it, another nice moment for everyone there.


Best part!


Dirk(@rwbmodelcars) stopped by with his incredibly detailed RWB models, these things are seriously good!


My Dear Jack..


The car turned out so perfect, great colour choice, delighted for Sidney!


Thanks to Christian Coujin for the last pic, we drank a fair amount of Jack over the 3 days!


As I have already said, the build was one of the best for me, I met some old friends again, Nate(@Natevos) came all the way up to see us for a day after his LeMans trip which was sweet, got to hang with Nakai-San, Coujin, Matt, Nate, Trevi and Sidney again, as well as meeting Tate(@RWBAtlanta) for the first time! Germany has been good to me the few times I have visited, I will probably be back for Essen in December, but for now, Tausend Danke! (also, check out my ig feed for more pics from the weekend and my other adventures..@RWB_Gary)