Sunday mountain drive


So after the last few weeks of miserable, stormy weather here in Ireland, the forecast was looking quite good for today so I decided to get up early and take Daves M3 for a drive through the Dublin and Wicklow mountains…


So I headed out over the M50 to the Bear Coffee Company in Blackrock for a quick coffee and a breakfast bar, next was the gas station to get some fuel and I set off up through the Wicklow mountains..


This was my first chance to give the M3 a good run and apart from the terrible feel of the throttle cable, the car felt fantastic on the damp, bumpy, windy backroads..


I tried to stop a few times to get some photos of the beautiful scenery but I was having too much fun driving the car on the mostly empty country roads…


Although the word ‘roads’ is one I would use loosely as you can see here..


80km/h speed limit on this ‘road!’


Was absolutely loving driving the M3 on these roads that I decided to keep on going into Kildare and stop off at my sisters place for a bit of lunch and to see the kids.


A couple of burgers and a coffee later I said I’d head back towards home, it was about 1:30 at this stage so I said I’d head back home over the mountains agin. About 10 minutes down the road it start lashing rain which is a fun experience in a rwd convertible with no traction control or ABS 🙂

I headed back as far as Enniskerry and then turned off and headed up over a very icy and foggy Sally Gap…


…and back home!

I drove a total of around 300km on wet, icy, snowy, bumpy and twisty country roads in a car that can be as demanding to drive fast in those conditions as a 911(pre-996) in my opinion, but is almost as equally rewarding, I was exhausted by the time I got home!

With no radio and the drivers window down, the noise from the M3’s straight 6 just make you want to keep pushing harder even though you know it might kill you 😛

Think I’ll be keeping my sundays free from now on…

GET OUT AND DRIVE – Magnus Walker


Another tick off the list…

Its 5am on a Sunday morning, dragging myself out of bed to head to yet another event at Fuji Speedway. This time its the  NISMO Festival and the excitement levels are fairly high, today I will get to see some of my favourite race cars from years of playing Gran Turismo and watching them race online, the likes of the Calsonic R32 GTR, Pennzoil Nismo R33 and R34 GTR’s and the older Tomica Skyline silhouette car among many others…

Arriving at Fuji Speedway in our Lexus ISF at roughly 8am, hyper from the cans of BOSS coffee and Red Bull we made our way to the Press Parking area and got our gear ready. THIS, is what we spotted on our way to the Press room…..

And YES, this is one of only 20 Nismo Z-Tune R34 GTR’s ever made…EVER!!!

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